Beautiful Art and Bikes… an Unlikely Combination

June 25, 2015

The faculty of Biblical Theological Seminary (BTS) went on a tour in North Philly recently to visit the area that surrounds our Hunting Park extension site. You will never guess what we found there.

Bikes and Art

We were surrounded on all sides by walls covered with art created by local kids as Lauren Fisher of Orange Korner Arts, described how they were teaching, training, and raising up the next generation of young artists in the Hunting Park area of North Philadelphia. My favorite section was the impressive wall of super-heroes, but I was curious about the back section which included art made from bicycles.

While we were listening to Dan Helms of Simple Cycle explain how they sell bikes, train residents in bike repair, and reward kids who diligently work on repairs with free bikes, a group of five boys busted through the doorway, needing parts and guidance. Bikes that can’t be made useful as forms of transportation become recycled into forms of art.

BTS board member Susan Post took us on a tour of Esperanza Wellness Center, which caters to all the health needs of Hunting Park residents. The center includes a committed group of administrators, nurses, and physicians, but since it isn’t just a health clinic. They are focused on providing for a much broader array of wellness needs with, among other things, classrooms, an exercise room, and a cafeteria which serves healthy meals.

Why were we doing this?

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