What Neil Peart can Teach About Being Missional

June 11, 2015

Between Us

I grew up as an avid fan of the group Rush. While each member of this power trio is an excellent musician, Neil Peart, the band’s percussionist, is considered a legend in his own time.

Neil Peart

In addition to his drumming prowess, “The Professor” (as he is affectionately known to his bandmates and fans) is also a very thoughtful lyricist. The words to his song Entre Nous, “Between Us,” have taken on new significance for me as I have been reflecting on the missional conversation over the past several years.

Although Peart is not a fan of Christianity, the song lyrics (especially the chorus below) are pertinent to a fundamental challenge believers have struggled with historically and continue to confront.

Just between us I think it’s time for us to recognize the differences we sometimes fear to show

Just between us I think it’s time for us to realize the spaces in between leave room for you and I to grow

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