Journey with Jesus from Birth to Ascension

May 4, 2015

Journey with Jesus

A Chronology of the Life and Ministry of Jesus is a linear history of Jesus's life and ministry and a tool for realizing Jesus is the Representation of the Godhead, the Good Shepherd, the Head of the Church, the Radiance of God's glory, our Hope, and the One to whom we are to be conformed. It may serve you as a devotional, a source for deep study, a "wake up" from a season of dry quiet times, or perhaps it will be a vehicle for deepening your knowledge and intimacy with the Messiah. No matter the reason for its use "A Chronology ..." has been authored for the sole purpose of "wowing" you with a unique and transformational awareness of Jesus.

The Apostle Paul writes: "God chose us before the foundation of the world to be conformed to the image of Christ (Romans 8:28-30). Why then, should we not get to know Him, to see and understand how He lived in His historical context 2100 years ago so that we can imitate Him and learn how to live in our context in the 21st century.

A Focus on Connectivity and Readability

The Gospel accounts have been integrated so that there are no parallel columns, no duplicate paragraphs on top of one another, but simple narrative from the New English Translation Bible that spells out the entirety of Jesus' earthly ministry.

In addition, each Gospel has a respective color so that when you see RED you'll know you're reading a portion from Matthew, MARK is blue, LUKE is orange, and JOHN is purple. Parallel passages have been indicated in their respective colors.

The following is an example which comes at the beginning of Jesus' Year of Inauguration.

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