How to Survive the Christian Life

April 16, 2015

My friend, co-author, and Biblical alumnus (class of ’05) Ed Cyzewski has written a book that I think you might be interested in reading. It’s called A Christian Survival Guide: A Lifeline to Faith and Growth. In the past, Ed and I have written two books together, Hazardous and Unfollowers, in which we attempted to describe and personalize the challenges that accompany Christian living in the twenty-first century.

Christian Survival Guide

In A Christian Survival Guide, Ed has picked up the theme of Christian living once again, providing a glittering array of humorous yet clever observations — what I call “Ed-isms.” (Ed, it should be made known, has never met a pun he doesn’t like, and he spends the quieter hours of his day dreaming about puns the same way bakers dream about croissants and cookies.)

I love the back cover description of the book, which is so characteristic of the writing ministry to which Ed has been called: “A Christian Survival Guide provides a lifeline for followers of Jesus who are tired of pat answers but need a solid foundation for their faith. Written in a conversational style, this book takes on big questions without getting bogged down in big theological terms.”

Do you ever feel like you need a spiritual lifeline thrown your way?

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