What I Saw in Church that Choked Me Up

April 7, 2015

Probably because I’m serving as advisor for a DMin dissertation on a church plant that arose from the death (and closure) of the previous church, I may have a heightened sensitivity to signs of death and signs of life in ministerial organizations these days. My own home church has been through a lot; we’ve been seeking to make the missional turn for at least a dozen years now. We’ve had turmoil, turnover, leadership struggles, fits and starts, transition.

Church numbers

This past Sunday, my family of four arrived and went down to our “usual row,” only it was full; so we had to split up to all get seated. My son, now a seminary student here at Biblical and himself quite astute to the “signs and signals of transition,” said with a grin, and fully tongue-in-cheek, “There’s too many people.” I said right out loud: “No, no, no . . . I’ll take this problem!” Later I said to the chairman of the elder board, that’s like saying, “The offering plate’s too full. No worries. We can get bigger plates!”

Numbers Are Not the Only Measurement

Now . . . I know that numbers are not the only measurement, and never the most significant measurement. In fact, part of the vision casting of our transition is about focusing on getting healthy as a church body; not getting bigger. We are not an attractional church, we’re a missional, incarnational church. All good stuff.

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