What is Temporary? What is Permanent?

April 2, 2015

I’ve heard this expression since I was a kid – invariably from people at least the age of my grandparents; i.e., from people who lived through the Great Depression, World War II, and enough of the trials of life to know that one of the greatest secrets to living life well, troubles and all, is recognizing its transiency has an upside. “It’ll pass.” Or, “This, too, will pass” (a line made famous, actually, by Abraham Lincoln).

Jesus Passion

What is temporary? What is permanent?

Much of wisdom, much of folly, is discerned by sorting out what is what and which is which in these two questions. Solomon got one or two whole inspired books in the Bible essentially pursuing these two questions.

This Passion Week, it might be good to focus our contemplations around these two questions – “What is temporary? What is permanent?” – in light of the pain and affliction and death, (only then) followed by resurrection, glory, and victory, that is encapsulated in the very rhythms of this week.

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