A Woman's Ministry Matters

March 26, 2015

Sitting in a pew at Rosemont College in suburban Philadelphia, a young woman student looked up and around at the stained glass windows that rose high above the sanctuary floor. She saw saints who burned at the stake, who kneeled to clean Jesus’ brow, or who suffered the indignity of prison for their faith.

Woman Ministry Matter

As she looked more closely she was startled to discover that the saints were all women — St. Barbara, St. Cecilia, St. Ursula, St. Joan of Arc, St. Veronica, and St. Rosa of Lima.

Inspired by what she saw, then senior Laura Bunyard joined up with several other students to record the story of the windows and why they depicted twenty women saints instead of the disciples or other men. The students found out that the women were chosen by nuns in the late 1930’s and relate to Rosemont’s educational and religious mission. The nuns chose martyrs, mothers, royalty, and a woman who went on to become the first Native American saint.

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