Don’t Know Much about History

January 28, 2015

Most—if not all—students would be thrilled to know that their professor’s idea of fun is studying the subject he or she is teaching. Here at BTS our professors enjoy teaching. Most of them have not testified to this in a book. But one professor did.

Church History

Dr. Derek Cooper, professor of World Christian History, wrote:

“The study of church history is one of the most exciting adventures on which one can embark in academia. Unlike some disciplines, the field of church history is constantly in flux and never static. New discoveries of ancient articles drive us toward novel interpretations and revisions of old ones. The geographic extent of church history is immense, encompassing the entire globe. Its ongoing engagement with new cultures, people groups, and worldviews propels it into new sphere of influence and new orbits of thought.

Did you know that about church histor... that church history engages, propels, and orbits…that it encompasses cultures, people, and worldviews? If you missed these things, then like a lot of Christians, you don’t know much about history. Many Christians dismiss church history because they think it’s about “the church-as-institution,” as in doctrine, denominations, disputes, divisions, and so on.

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