A Recollection of Tom Taylor

January 23, 2015

Thomas V. Taylor passed away on Saturday, January 17, 2015.

Tom was one of the founding faculty members of Biblical Theological Seminary, where he taught, among other things, church history and Old Testament. For more information on his teaching and courses, click here.

Tom Taylor Psalm 23

I only remember one interaction with Tom Taylor during the first year I taught here at BTS. I met him outside of “Tom Taylor’s office” a room that he and a bunch of us used as an supplemental office, as place to make copies, and as a place to organize documents.

He could tell I was new, so he introduced himself to me, and then proceeded to welcome me to the seminary. He also instantly made me laugh (I value laughter, perhaps too highly). I thought, “I wish I had the opportunity to take classes with him.” Because of other responsibilities that kept him busy during his retirement, I didn’t have other opportunities to get to know Tom better over the past nine years.

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