Thomas Vernon Chauncey Taylor (1928-2015)

January 21, 2015

Founding faculty member Tom Taylor died this past Saturday afternoon (1/17/2015). There will doubtless be many a eulogy offered that outshine this one on behalf of this man, who served the Lord with gladness for over 50 years. And, doubtless, were TVT here to respond in the flesh, he’d have some kind of self-deprecating one-liner to make everyone not only laugh, but put the whole thing in proper perspective.

Tom Taylor

I’m going to remark on just three outstanding characteristics of this extraordinary, unusual man (and make no mistake, he was very much both).

The Humor He Brought

Tom had a tremendous sense of humor – which people like me with a sense of humor immediately resonated with and enjoyed. His sense of humor was not always entirely comfortable or even appropriate; never off-color, he just had a way of finding the humorously awkward and talking about it, in a way that made people laugh – usually, though not always, in a way that made the people who were the brunt of the joke laugh, too, at themselves. (And when they didn’t or couldn’t, he’d feel genuinely bad.) Over 90% of the time, the joke was on him. In any case, his sense of humor was just legendary. It was wry, playing-field-leveling, and just plain enjoyable.

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