Our Down to Earth God

January 16, 2015

Most people appreciate humility when they see it in others. It is refreshing to hear examples of highly successful people who are “down to earth.” Can any such thing be said of the Supreme Being?

God Down to Earth

Absolutely, and more. One of my favorite psalms is 113, in which the poet calls people to extol YHWH in all places and at all times. What makes the Lord so great, so incomparable? He is both distinctive and down to earth: “Who is like YHWH our God, who makes high his seat, who makes low his look, in the heavens and on the earth?” (vv 5-6).

God’s downward look implies action: “Raising the poor from the dust, lifting the oppressed from the ash heap to seat them with princes… seating the barren woman of the household as the joyful mother of children..” (vv 7-9). Some of the “lifted up” and “seating” language describing God’s glory in verses 4 and 5 is applied to his work of exalting the lowly in verses 7-9. It is a recurring theme in Israel’s history that YHWH stoops down to raise up his people.

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