Sex Trafficking: Choosing Sides of the Problem

December 15, 2014

In sex trafficking, as with any scourge, there are two sides to choose from. Either you are on the side of the victims, or you are on the side of the traffickers. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to think that readers of this blog have already chosen to be on the side of protecting, defending, and freeing victims of sex trafficking.

The Well

But wait a minute, not so fast.

There is a way that believers can unknowingly choose the side of the traffickers. Complicity. To be complicit is to enable another to commit a crime. Some forms of complicity are intentional. We might allow a criminal to use our car to rob a bank. Others are unintended, but nonetheless result in aiding the criminal. We might know that abuse is happening in the house next door, but we turn away from what is happening, pretending not to know that someone is being harmed.

Sex trafficking happens in the Delaware Valley

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