Challenges to Being Missional in an Era of World Christianity

December 1, 2014
Being Missional

Should we be interested in the global mission of God here in North America, noting that by the end of the 20th century there were more Christians living in the Southern Hemisphere than in Europe and North America? As Andrew Walls asks, “Does it not seem that Africa may have a special place in God’s plan of salvation?” It seems to me that many of our Christian institutions are still functioning as though the world were static and operating out of a post-colonial mindset.

With the decline of Christians in North America and Europe coupled with the enormous growth of Christianity in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, it would seem that our appetite for learning from our brothers and sisters in the South should be enormous and that we would be quick to listen and learn. As Mark Noll comments, “Africa, Asia, and Latin America have more Christian students desirous of learning but have limited resources; while here in North America we lack students but have enormous resources.”

Now I ask you, how shall we become missional?

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