Mourning with Ferguson, MO

November 25, 2014
Trial in Ferguson

I don’t know what happened on August 9 in Ferguson, MO. I wasn’t there and know only what has been publicly released as testimony and evidence in the investigation.

There are some facts of the case that are undisputed. Michael Brown, known as “Big Mike” to his friends, was 18 years old, and was unarmed. He was black. Darren Wilson, a police officer responding to a report that a convenience store had a box of cigars shop-lifted, noticed that Michael Brown matched the description of the robber: a young, large, black male wearing a white t-shirt and a red hat.

There was an altercation between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, beginning at the door of the police car, which Wilson had parked in position to stop the pedestrians, Brown and his friend, as well as traffic in both directions.

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