How Much Are You Carrying and Do You Need a Break?

November 4, 2014
Fishing Boat Break

My, my, my! Where did the summer go?

Did you use it well? Did you get a breather, a vacation? (I’m speaking to myself as much as to any reader of this blog. I got a couple of weekends away this summer, but not a full-blown vacation. Next summer, I promise. But I’ve got to be authentic; taking time off and engaging in a proper level of “self care” is something I struggle with, too.)

One thing I DID get to do this summer was catch up on my journal and magazine reading. One piece from the January Leadership Journal (yeah, that’s right: January!; tells the story doesn’t it? anyway the piece) caught me right between the eyes; it’s entitled: "A SeaWorthy Soul: What it takes for leaders to stay afloat,” and it’s written by Bert Crabbe, pastor of a church in Long Island, NY

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