Missional Is Intercultural

November 19, 2015

I just moved. I am getting to know my neighbors, introducing myself and asking questions to them. They do not show their interest in me. Maybe, they are not ready to speak with a foreign person yet. Hopefully, it will happen soon. But, they always show me their smiles whenever I encounter them. That is enough for now.

Missional Is Intercultural

To be “missional” means to be sent into the world; we do not expect people to come to us by going out rather than just reaching out in order to engage the world the same way God does. Thus, a missional church is an incarnational church. The church must go forward to an incarnational ministry like Jesus. To be “incarnational” means to be more than “multicultural” or “cross-cultural.” It means to be “intercultural.” In many cases, multicultural communities, cross-cultural communities, and intercultural communities are frequently used interchangeably. However, intercultural community hopes to take us deeper than multicultural or cross-cultural models of community.

In multicultural communities, people live alongside one another. People not only value tolerance, but also celebrate one another’s culturally distinctive costume, food, music, literature, ethnic heritage, value, tradition, language, history, and related outward expressions of culture. A multicultural community has often been described as a salad bowl or cultural mosaic. However, it is not necessarily mean that each person from community belongs to different cultures. Thus, only superficial and polite social interaction is required in multicultural communities.

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