Seminary And A New World for Mission

September 17, 2015

Seminaries and other institutions of learning are seriously committed to training men and women for ministry. The world in which we live is always changing, but in the last few decades it has been changing at a much more rapid pace. To meet this calling of preparing ministry leaders, seminaries must continually evaluate their programs, their curriculum, and their faculty development.

eminary New Urban Mission

Seminary Preparation for a New Urban World

It was not too long ago when, during a class break in seminary, students would be talking about their calling. I overheard one student say, “I believe that God is calling me to serve in the city.” Another student responded, as was so often the case, “The city! Are you kidding me? Crime, congested streets and communities, no trees or green grass. How could you live in such a place? It seems like a losing battle? That’s not for me.”

It has been noted by missiologists that we are living in a post-rural era. This does not mean that we do not consider serving in rural communities, but the global urban shift has changed the face of this world. We can no longer ignore what God is doing and dismiss what missiologists are saying.

Seminary Preparation for a New “Glocal” Phenomenon

One author warns us that geographical concerns are still important, but the real context for mission is shifting radically. The phenomenon of diaspora provides a new intermediate state between local and global, what many authors are terming glocal.. This significant shift can be called diaspora missiology.

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