4 Things That Can Derail Missional Leaders

September 1, 2015

This post by Seth Richardson on the Missional Alliance web page caught my attentiona> this past week. It’s titled, “Addicted to Dysfunction: Healing from Missional Misery.” Part of his point is that being “missional,” and “always on the cutting edge” is wearing; but also alluring with something like martyr syndrome. (Not his terminology – so maybe I’m better off just letting you read his post.)

Missional Leaders careful

I can resonate with what Seth Richardson is saying, even if the trajectory of thought he put me on is a little different from the exact point of his post. Part of what I recognize is that the responsibility of seeing and then preaching and teaching and trying to participate in the “mission of God” is an overwhelming task – that brings both joy and frustration; both insight and frustration; both energizing vision and depressing weariness. Any other missional Christians out there relate?

Here are a couple of bullet points stirred in me on the theme, “Missional leaders . . . if we’re not careful. . . .”:

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