How Seminaries Need to Respond to the Challenge of Globalization

July 30, 2015

On June 3, 2015, the faculty of Biblical Seminary held their annual retreat at the Joy in the City, their urban campus in Philadelphia, with the goal to have an honest dialogue among faculty and administration concerning a changing world and the eternal Word. The question to be answered is, how do we as faculty engage a global urban society in such a way that it transforms our thinking, teaching, and operation to meet the challenge faced by our students in the 21st century?

Seminary Urban Globalization

Globalization has changed the faces of countries around the world. Most of the increase or change of populations can be found in large metropolitan complexes. Biblical Seminary is a missional seminary. Therefore, it must get a better understanding of the movements of people, religions, economics, and societal issues brought about by globalization in order to train its students to be effective agents of God to bring about transformation in our communities.

What are the implications of this changing landscape for missions?

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