Winning @ Worship

July 28, 2015

Before you jump down my throat for starting the worship conversation in the wrong place and with the wrong word, relax and let me define a few terms and explain what I mean by “winning” @ worship.

Winning Worship

I like to define worship as seeing God accurately and responding appropriately. We could take a lot of time and space and nuance the definition but in the end, the basic elements would be the same. We worship when we catch a glimpse or are reminded of who God is and what he has done and what he is doing and will do for us and then respond in praise, repentance, thanksgiving, obedience and service.

If that definition is correct, then it becomes crystal clear that worship does not equal singing, even though we often refer to the singing part of our services as worship. Don’t get me wrong, you can worship when you sing, but you can sing without worshiping. In fact, if our definition is in the ballpark, you can worship while reading the Bible or when you are reading the newspaper, you can worship before the service begins, you can worship while the preacher is preaching, you can even worship while the offering is being taken. In fact, you don’t have to be inside or anywhere near a church building to worship! You can worship in your car, in your house, on the beach or the golf course, or sharing a meal with friends. Worship is not about the context of your body but the focus of your mind and heart.

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