Action-Oriented "Do Tanks" Create Optimism

July 23, 2015

According to Word Spy—the website that dubs itself the “word lover's guide to new words,”—a “do tank” is the action-oriented version of a think tank. The website quotes Harold Hubbard, VP of research at a small research firm, who allegedly responded to his company being called a “think tank” by saying “Not so! We’re a ‘do-tank,’ not a ‘think tank.’”

Think Do Tanks

BTS’s doctor of ministry program could make the same claim for its focus on being an action-oriented version of a think tank. By the end of their three to four years of study, DMin students complete a major applied research project that integrates the knowledge and skills learned in the DMin coursework with the analysis of a specific program, problem, or case in the student’s ministry. It provides the student with the opportunity to make a professional contribution to missional praxis in the student’s chosen context.

In June 2015, two DMin students completed their project dissertations and oral reviews. It was a privilege to see them hooded and awarded their degrees at Commencement a few weeks ago.

Here are the students’ projects and evidence of the significant contributions their projects make to missional praxis.

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